Istanbul MUN -
International Model United Nations

4th to 7th July, 2024 at Istanbul, Turkey

Journey of a Lifetime

Istanbul International MUN

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About The Event

Istanbul International MUN will take place in Istanbul, Turkey and simulate and model the United Nations to expose the participating youth to the global economic, political, and social affairs to enable them to be the leaders of the future and find plausible solutions to bring about peace and unity. Individuals take up the role of delegates to represent different nations and engage in a discourse of diplomacy and leadership to solve world crisis. See the events' overview to learn more.


Euro Park Otel, Istanbul, Turkey


Thursday to Sunday
4th to 7th July, 2024


Our mission is to inculcate a new vision in the youth we serve. We bring to them a platform, where they are immersed wholly, as diplomats and peacemakers, in an environment where they have to uptake the responsibilities as leaders and policymakers and change the world for the better.


Global exposure

An outclass chance of networking with the international community of delegates and secretariat

Istanbul International MUN global exposure

Change the world

An opportunity to collaborate with the global community to find plausible solutions to rising problems

Future Leaders

Diplomacy skills

We believe in meaningful discourses. We aspire to inculcate the ability to negotiate and debate through dialogue

MUN Diplomacy


Be recongnized and known for your solutions in the Neoterican network. We testify your contribution with a UNHCR endorsed certificate

MUN recognition

Series of Events

Our key events

Istanbul MUN Committee Sessions

Committee Sessions

Model UN trains today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Students who do model UN would one day change the world. ~ Ryan Villanueva

Committee Simulations

Our prestiguous secretariat is determined to simulate the original United Nations conferences to the utmost perfection. We yearn to make our delegates the leaders of tomorrow.

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Istanbul MUN City Tour

City Tour

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul. ~ Alphonse de Lamartine

Istanbul Tour

Delegates will venture upon the beauty of Istanbul. Istanbul is said to be the most beautiful city of Turkey and has mesmerizing sites which hold rich historic beauty.

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Istanbul MUN Islands Tour

Islands Tour

Floating down the Bosphorus, neither on the main land of Europe or Asia, there are the Princes islands, trapped in time and a paradise within the city! ~ Nic Hilditch

Büyükada Tour

Büyükada is the largest, and the most galvanizing, amongst the Princes' islands. The island has several tourist attraction sites most of which have historic importance.

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Istanbul MUN Cruise Tour

Cruise Tour

Whatever happens, I can always take a long walk along the Bosphorus. ~ Orhan Pamuk

Bosphorus Cruise Dinner

Bosphorus is the continental boundary between Asia and Europe and has breathtaking scenic beauty. Delegates will be served a premium dinner as they sail across Bosphorus.

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Our notable events

The Ecclesia

The essence of ecclesia will be practiced at Istanbul where the delegates will be mustered to meet and greet their fellow participants.

The Revel

This formal event will be a spree of relishing cuisines of Turkey and will serve as an opportunity for delegates to network amongst each other.

Musical Night

Delegates will feel unencumbered and will have a mesmerizing night filled with heartful songs. This will be a strong bonding opportunity.

Game Night

Several games are planned for this happening night. This event will amplify the intermingling as well as joy amongst the delegates.

Cultural Swap

These will be a series of events which will showcase Turkey's culture and allow delegates to showcase their cultures.

Grand Dinner

There will be a last grand dinner after the closing and awards ceremony where we all will bid farewell to each other.


Have a feel for Istanbul International MUN

Event Schedule

Break down of events

A thought through schedule devised to incorporate all the essentials to make this journey the most engaging, enlightening, and fun.

Istanbul Model United Nations Airport Assistance

Airport assistance Istanbul Airport

This marks the beginning of your remarkable journey.

Istanbul Model United Nations Check In

Check In Euro Park Otel

The delegates will check-in to their hotels and will have ample time to make themselves at home.

Istanbul Model United Nations Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Convention & Exhibition Center

It is the gathering of the delegates for several simultaneous events intertwined to provide moral support, moments to render people full of beans, and a mouth-watering feast.

Istanbul Model United Nations Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speeches Convention & Exhibition Center

International social activists and motivational speakers will be present to boost up the morale of the delegates with their influential and thought-provoking speeches.

Istanbul Model United Nations Dinner

Dinner Veranda Bar & Terrance

Istanbul’s exquisite cuisines will be served for dinner and the delegates will revel Turkey’s unique taste.

Istanbul Model United Nations Symposium

The Ecclessia Sadivran Meeting Hall

The delegates will sit with each other and will have a splendid opportunity to share their knowledge with other on multiple agendas around the globe.

Istanbul Model United Nations Cultural Performances

Turkish Cultural Performances Sadivran Meeting Hall

Cultural performances will be presented before the delegates to introduce them to the vast culture of Turkey.

Istanbul Model United Nations Information Session

Information Session Sadivran Meeting Hall

This will be a briefing for the upcoming conference, events and committee sessions.

Istanbul Model United Nations Game Night

Game Night Play Garden

This will be an opportunity for the students to push the boat out since they will indulge in spree of merriment by playing fun and engaging games together.

Istanbul Model United Nations Breakfast

Breakfast Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having a hearty breakfast satiates you and works as good preparation for a productive day.

Istanbul Model United Nations Committee Sessions

Committee Sessions Committee Halls

Delegates will proceed to their committees for formal committee sessions

Istanbul Model United Nations Snack Break

Snack Break Euro Park Otel

For delegates to keep their energies up and going

Istanbul Model United Nations Committee Sessions

Committee Sessions Committee Halls

Delegates will proceed back to their committees for the resumption of formal committee sessions

Istanbul Model United Nations Lunch

Lunch The Dragon Restaraunt

Lunch will be served to keep delegates’ fervour alive.

Istanbul Model United Nations Committee Sessions

Committee Sessions Committee Halls

Delegates will proceed back to their committees for the resumption of formal committee sessions

Istanbul Model United Nations Joint Crisis Session

Joint Crisis Committee Committee Halls

A joint crisis committee session will be conducted

Istanbul Model United Nations Dinner

Dinner Lalezar Meyhanesi

Delicious feasts will be served to allay delegates’ arduous brainstorming and strenuous discussions.

Istanbul Model United Nations Musical Night

Musical Night Outdoor Swimming Pool

After the dinner, a profound novelty of musical night will be added to the merrymaking where delegates will in the spree of singing and dancing.

Istanbul Model United Nations Breakfast

Breakfast Dubb Indian Bosphorus Restaurant

A healthy breakfast will be served to make the upcoming day more exciting and gutsier.

Istanbul Model United Nations Closing and Award Ceremony

Closing Ceremony and Award Distribution Convention & Exhibition Center

The performances of delegates throughout the committee sessions will be acknowledged and appreciated with certicates and outstanding performances will be awarded with titles and trophies.

Istanbul Model United Nations Cultural Performance

Cultural Performances by Delegates Convention & Exhibition Center

Sprightful cultural performances will be held where delegates will present their cultures along with their flags before others and will witness the novelty of other’s cultures.

Istanbul Model United Nations Istanbul City Tour

Istanbul City Tour Istanbul

The delegates will be taken to the city tour of Istanbul where they will discover its sceneries, culture, monuments, and people.

Istanbul Model United Cruise Dinner

Cruise Dinner Istanbul

The majesty of the seas will await the delegates on their private yacht dinner.

Istanbul Model United Cruise Breakfast

Breakfast Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant

A hearty meal before departure.

Istanbul Model United Cruise Checkout

Checkout Euro Park Otel

Buses will arrive to take the delegates from the hotel to the airport. Delegates will be given souvenirs and MUN goodies.

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Euro Park Otel

Situated in the European side of the city, Europark Otel is close to Taksim Square, with its shops, restaurants, night spots, and cafes. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of the Grand Bazaar, selling everything from spices to intricate Turkish fabrics. Don’t miss seeing some of Istanbul’s legendary buildings, including Topkapi and Dolmabahce Palaces.


Our parent company

Neoterican Istanbul MUN Istanbul International MUN is a project of Neoterican LLC. Neoterican is a US-based organization committed to provide the youth with an international exposure. We, at Neoterican, aim to engage the youth in various forms of discourses to expose them to the problems of the world and enable them to draft plausible and best solutions. We yearn to make the leaders of tomorrow, today.
Our mission is to inculcate a new vision in the youth we serve. We bring to them a platform, where they are immersed wholly, as leaders and peacemakers, in an environment where they have to uptake the responsibilities as leaders and come together with each other to conclude what will the world best.
Through our projects, we yearn to impart meaningful and important skills in the young generation that becomes a part of us. We aim to develop leadership skills, diplomatic skills, analytical and assessment skills, and most importantly, the ability to negotiate, compromise and understand each other. We believe in equal opportunity for everyone and that’s why, in our programs, we focus on each and every participant equally. We are committed to build confidence, sociability, tolerance, and empathy in the participants. Istanbul International Model United Nations is our upcoming event. It is a simulation of the United Nations where participants come as delegates and are allotted different nations to represent. These delegates will formulate solutions together to various matters concerning the world. These delegates will become a part of our international social network and play their part for a better tomorrow. Learn more at

Fighting Climate Change

At Neoterican, we contribute a portion of our revenue to carbon removal. We believe businesses can play a critically important role in helping fight climate change. We’re proud to fund next-generation carbon removal. Learn more at


  • It will be a four day event.

  • You can learn more about Istanbul International MUN here. While you are at it, be sure to check our simplified guide.

  • We help our accepted applicants with their visa acquiring process if they opt for it. We also send an official invitation letter which can be presented at the Turkish embassy to obtain a timely visa conveniently. Furthermore, we personally contact the embassies regarding the visa application processes of our delegates.

  • Most certainly, yes. Attending an international conference and strategising and devising solutions to world problems with the global community will add to your career profile. Learn more here.

  • To see the packages and their respective prices, please proceed to the Pricing page.