Topics of Istanbul MUN Committees

Examples of Model United Nations Topics

Selecting engaging MUN topics is crucial. A good topic can make the difference between an exciting and a boring committee, whether it comes from the chair, Secretary-General, or coach. A great committee must therefore choose a topic that is intriguing, engaging, and logical. This blog provides examples of some MUN topics that can help potential delegates to understand what they can expect in a typical MUN setting.

Model UN Topics for Istanbul International MUN, Turkey

  • Committee: UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

    General Topic: Cyber Security

    Discussion Topic: Differentiating from Cyber War from Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime

    How to approach this topic: Cyberspace is a new area where communities and entire countries might go through its catastrophic effects. The nature of cybercrimes, terrorism, and all-out conflict continue to confound and delay the right answers from those defending our society as the internet and other digitally connected devices proliferate around the globe. The UNSC must assess these instances and establish globally defining criteria on harmful intent in the cyber sphere as it is the primary body responsible for defining breaches of peace in the international system. In this case, UNSC representatives need to be able to discuss in-depth the political and technological underpinnings of these various activities and how the international community need to attempt to respond to them.

  • Committee: UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

    General Topic: Democratic Governance and Democratic Institutions

    Discussion Topic: Improving the Democratic Governance and Democratic Institutions

    How to approach this topic: One of the foundational values of the United Nations, as well as the international order we uphold and defend, is democracy and the rule of the people. However, during difficult times, democratic institutions that preserve this ideal deteriorate, so democracy must be maintained via ongoing investment in and strengthening of these institutions and forms of government. Delegates must examine how institutions may be widely supported, strengthened, and expanded in order to revive and advance new democratic values and participation from the people of the world the UN serves.

  • Committee: WHO (World Health Organization)

    General Topic: Cyber Security

    Discussion Topic: Differentiating from Cyber War from Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime

    How to approach this topic: Without a question, the current outbreak we are experiencing might have been avoided or at the very least slowed down with better protocols and planning. Nevertheless, as some nations see the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, we must already start considering the lessons we can draw for outbreaks in the future. Delegates must take into account some of the most important collective protocols and actions that may be taken to lessen the likelihood that a spread similar to this will occur again. The world will benefit from mechanisms to monitor viruses, advance research, and broadly prepare for catastrophes both now and in the future.

To Sum it all Up

Each committee needs a good topic that will keep people interested. The delegates enjoy it since it provides them with a wonderful opportunity to learn something new about geopolitics. Additionally, the MUN experience gives participants the chance to use their knowledge in engaging and imaginative contexts for memorable arguments. The secret to a wonderful experience is a good topic, so go for one that is both challenging and thought-provoking in the best possible ways!

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