Winning at Istanbul MUN

How to Win Best Delegate Model UN

How to Win an Award at Istanbul International Model United Nations?

Many Model UN delegates are happy to perceive Model UN as an academic simulation where they can gain useful skills, learn about the globe, travel, and return home with new friends and a fulfilling experience. However, bringing back trophies is crucial for many Model UN teams since it affects their funding and relationship with their academic school. Awards, whether a Diplomacy Award, Best Delegate Award, or Honorable Mention, are an integral feature of most Model United Nations conferences.

Whether it be for the benefit of your team or society, for yourself as a competitive Model MUNer who just wants to challenge themselves, the following blog will go over some of the most crucial dos and don'ts to be the best delegate you can be!

Model United Nations (MUN) Tips

  • Know Yourself (self-awareness)

    Being yourself is the primary guideline for any good delegation. Avoid attempting to adopt a persona that you are not. In Model UN, many people compete against one another on many levels, and the only way to stand out is to be your absolute best.

  • Always Add Value

    When it comes to Model UN, there are no short cuts. A meaningless speech delivered with assurance by a self-aware delegate won't get you very far. Every statement you make must further the conversation. Each speech should promote both your own goals and the goals of your block. As a general guideline, you should ensure that every speech, motion, and piece of information has a purpose! Do not just speak just for the sake of speaking. If you are doing that, you may be reducing your chance of getting at the top.

  • Build a Case that can Resonate with Others

    Choose ideas that you can envision making it through the discussion, negotiations, and tactical concessions when deciding what policies you would like to see in a resolution. It is not the purpose of Model UN to conduct historical research to learn more. Some proposals won't be able to gain a majority because they are excessively radical or nation-specific. Consider the subject as a challenge that must be overcome. Every delegate wants to vote on a resolution, but in order to do so, it must adhere to the MUN Triangle.

  • Focus on Incentives

    Give incentives to less important nations in your block or those who are undecided, unless doing so blatantly contravenes key resolution policies or significantly strengthens the position of another powerful block. If it means that these other nations will now support you, you should be upbeat, encouraging, and easy to give verbal agreement. You should even add terms to your decision. Even though they may seem significant to the delegate who proposed them, many clauses, frequently related to education, are not as vital as they seem and do not contradict the main points. You or the delegate bringing the clause will need to rewrite it if it isn't sound in its current form. If it is necessary, only do this.

  • Delegate Tasks Effectively

    The delegation of duties is a mainstay of the unmoderated portion of Model UN committee meetings. In these situations, an ambitious solo player (ASP), who is charismatic and reluctant to share credit, will assign less experienced delegates to jobs that are essentially worthless. For instance, they might encourage their network of allies to collect signatures from nations that are already on board with them or to fix redundant clauses.

    A smart chair can see through this, and more significantly, they realize that the delegates in their block are easy pickings for adoption by the other block since they are aware that what they do is meaningless. Investing in your allies is the greatest way to keep them in your block if you want to be the block leader. There are two types of delegation: peer delegation through teamwork and boss delegation. Give your potential allies important duties to help them become invested. Let them draft sentences that are crucial to the resolution. Tell them to approach a knowledgeable delegate or engage in negotiations with a potentially significant bloc.

  • Position is Important

    Always stand in the middle during an unmod, whether you're debating a point or drafting the resolution. Although it shouldn't appear forced, the greatest physical position for responding to and interacting with everyone is in the center. Making sure that no pushy ASP forces themselves into the middle and edges you out.

  • Be Likeable

    Early on, there may be a rush by the power delegates for middle positions. Be likable in these situations and wait for the fight to break out of the center. Usually, their power play will turn off the majority of the delegates, allowing a more tranquil circle to emerge. From there, unless you are actively lobbying and have a reliable ally, in that position instead.

  • Practice Note Writing

    Crosstalk irritates chairs. You won't like it, and neither will your fellow speakers. Additionally, you do not enjoy it until you are the one speaking. Because of this, one preventative strategy in Model UN is keeping notes. Both the chairs' wrath and your concern over someone else overhearing are avoided. It can also be used for cross-room communication. Writing notes does not interfere with listening, working on drafts, lobbying, or doing anything else, making it even simpler to accomplish when two people are in charge of different tasks.

To Sum it all Up

There are no quick cuts because everyone improves together whether they are working with or against other people in Model UN. The above-mentioned strategic actions are there to help us know where to focus our thoughts when trying to surpass the performances and stand out as a diplomat among diplomats. The purpose of this blog is to provide tips and inspiration on how to be successful when participating in Istanbul International Model United Nations, Turkey. The information provided here is meant to help you improve your games and personal talents, not to harm other people. Knowledge is power. When simulating a Model UN committee, keep a moral compass in mind and keep in mind that while for some it may be about the prizes, it is also about the sheer hard work.

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