Why is Turkey a Good Place to Visit?

Why is Turkey a Good Place to Visit?

Turkey (also known as Türkiye) is a unique country that straddles between the European and Asian Continents. It is a cultural melting pot that offers something for everyone. From a stunning Mediterranean Sea shoreline to ancient sites that rival those in Greece and Italy to mouthwatering cuisine, and lastly an extremely hospitable population.

Here are the top 8 reasons why we have chosen Turkey as our ideal location for our Model United Nations and this is exactly why you should choose Turkey as your next travel destination!

Top 8 Reasons

  • Amazing food

    Every region of Turkey has its own distinct culinary tradition, with special ingredients and cooking techniques. As a result, Turkish food is considerably more varied than just wonderful kebabs and baklava; it also contains meze, a vast variety of desserts, breakfast spreads, traditional Ottoman dishes, vegetable dishes, and much more.

    While kebabs are undoubtedly among the best foods to eat in Turkey, Turkish cuisine is so much more than just kebabs. Turkish cuisine is incredibly diverse and all of it is delicious, from Pides (flatbread with toppings like meat and cheese, also known as the Turkish pizzas) to Gozleme (thin pancakes filled with potatoes and onions) to Manti (ravioli in a yoghurt sauce with chilli oil) to Kumpir (a dish filled with potato and so many other items).

  • The local people

    The people of Turkey are among the warmest and most genuinely welcoming in the entire globe. You'll probably be served free samples, tea, and conversation when you visit any store, and there will never be any pressure to make a purchase.

    You will truly be astounded by the amiability and goodwill of the people in East Turkey. Since there aren't many foreign tourists in this area, the most of them won't speak English, but they'll still want to chat to you and may even offer you free food, tea, or even the chance to stay at their house or join them for dinner.

  • Breathtaking landscapes

    There are many lovely landscapes in Turkey, but some are incredibly special and unmatched. Cappadocia is one such location. It's incredibly unique and amazing. It's difficult to imagine the distinctive rock formations, multicolored canyons, and breathtaking vistas without seeing them for yourself. You'll be in awe of the scenery as you wander about, and watching hundreds of hot air balloons hovering above the countryside before daybreak is an once-in-a-lifetime event. In addition to viewing the balloons from the ground, take a trip. Cappadocia is not just one of the most renowned sites in the world to ride in a hot air balloon, but it's also one of the cheapest, and the view from above is absolutely magnificent.

  • Great place to shop

    Whether you get trapped in the endless lanes of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar or stop by the various market booths in every town along your tour, shopping in Turkey is probably the best in the world. Various souvenirs sold in the neighboring countries are actually created in Turkey. That implies that if you're going around Europe and looking for the greatest value, you must stop here.

    Turkey certainly offers everything, from handcrafted Turkish carpets to brilliant mosaic glass lamps to delicately painted ceramics. You'll need an additional suitcase for all of your new Turkish finds!

  • Istanbul – the capital of Türkiye

    Istanbul is a melting pot of civilizations, with the western half of the city lying in Europe and the eastern half in Asia. You may explore thousand-year-old mosques one minute and visit a bustling bar the next.

    There is a lot to see and do in Istanbul, but if you only visit one tourist destination, make it the Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia, built as a church in 537 AD, was the Byzantine Empire's single greatest architectural achievement. It has now been converted into a museum, although it still serves as a mosque and may be visited throughout the day.

    The Blue Mosque, famous for the intricate blue tile work that covers the interior of the building, the Galata Tower, which you can climb for views of the entire city. Moreover, the Bosphorus River, and the Grand Bazaar, with its maze of hallways and friendly locals trying to sell you all kinds of goodies, are also must-sees in Istanbul. In fact, Istanbul is a shoppers' paradise, so make room in your bag for the gorgeous homewares, cotton Turkish towels, and boxes of Turkish delight that you will certainly want to bring home with you. Istanbul MUN covers the blue mosque and several other sites in its city tour so don't let this opportunity go.

    Istanbul is such a fascinating and ancient city that it is a compelling incentive to visit Turkey alone. This is why we have chosen Istanbul as our prime location for the hosting of our Istanbul International Model United Nations! Learn more read more here.

  • Beautiful architecture and rich history

    Turkey has a great number of ancient monuments spread all around the country, witnessing several empires and civilizations. From Istanbul's palaces and mosques to Ephesus' ruins and Cappadocia's subterranean towns, Turkey is a sanctuary for archaeology and history buffs.

  • Great museums

    Turkey also offers a plethora of wonderful museums that actively conserve finds from the country's numerous ancient sites. There's lots to see, from the world's biggest mosaic museum (Zeugma in Gaziantep) to the Ottoman palace museums in Istanbul, you will find an amazing museum site everywhere.

  • Price and ease of travel

    It is really inexpensive. In fact, Turkey is perhaps the cheapest nation in the Mediterranean to visit. This means you may have an exceptionally low-cost trip here by staying in local guesthouses and eating local food, or you can "splurge" on high-end hotels and restaurants and still enjoy a low-cost vacation.

    If you want to see the nation and some of the attractions mentioned above, you're in luck because Turkey is quite easy to get about. Buses are frequent, inexpensive, and pleasant, and they connect almost all villages and cities. So what's the wait for? Gear up for Turkey right now by registering at Istanbul MUN.